Research and development field of activity

Applied cognitive methods

Cellivia employs a team of high-class specialists, including professors of dentistry, cell and molecular biology, biotechnology, chemical and materials bioengineering and medical physics and biophysics. Our team of co-workers and partners includes scientists from domestic and foreign universities and health institutions. We focus on research based on an interdisciplinary team of doctors of various leading specializations.

A team of scientists is conducting advanced research on biological material obtained from model animals. The aim of the project is to transfer knowledge and experience from studies on animal material to the possibly wider use of tissues and cells, including exosomes, in medicine.

The scope of our research works includes the following methods:

Mechanical and chemical isolation of cells from human and animal tissues and establishment of primary cultures
Immortalization of cells of the most valuable stem cell primary cultures
Long-term primary cell culture
Cell banking
2D and 3D cell cultures
Cell co-cultures based on the insert technique and multilayer cultures
PCR (Nucleic Acid Identification)
Study of gene expression based on the qPCR technique
Development of 3D bio-printing technology 
As part of R&D activities, Cellivia also has proven and confirmed technologies that may be used to produce established cell lines in order to obtain exosomes and a conditioned medium. Such cell lines may be applied in innovative therapeutic therapies utilizing exosomes. As part of scientific activity, the implementation of differentiation procedures towards other highly specialized types of cells is also offered. 

In the future, the differentiation procedure may be carried out, as part of the tissue and cell bank activities, when specific types of cells will be necessary for use in the therapy of a given disease for a particular patient. Cells are differentiated only with regard to the clinical needs of patients.